Contrarian Bets

Las Vegas Knows It, You Should Too

Vegas Sharps and Wall Street Insiders Know

The Contrarian approach has proven effective in a broad spectrum of markets and you would expect it to be especially so in sports betting - where the books set the opening lines, in consideration of the public's prediction to bet favorites and overs in every sport.

Contrarian Bets is linked to an independent monitoring site at with no ability to change, alter, or delete selections.  We are stuck with the numbers, whether we like them or not.

No Hype, No Fancy Websites, No Pressure Sales, No BS, No Phony Records.

New Subscriber Special

One Month Free

Take advantage of our special pricing for new subscribers. Sign up for a one month subscription to our selections, get one month free. If you don't make a profit with our selections, we will extend your subscription, no charge.  It's as simple as that.

NFL Money Making Strategy

8.2% Return on Investment

Contrarian Bets consistent selection strategy provides clients with an NFL 8.2% return on investment (ROI). With over 60 months and 3000 plus documented picks, we are committed to providing a return on investment that banking institutions can't match. Feel free to review our comprehensive record keeping on our monitoring site. Due diligence is your responsibility. Remember all picks are monitored by an independent monitoring site at

100% Transparent

All plays are tracked on under the username The Contrarian.