MLB Opening Week Recap

4/6/14 11:53AM - 0 comments

The Contrarian selection got off to a great start banking a positive 6.50 units providing a clear path to our client profitability.  Within the first week we had a couple of rests due to days in which no winners were banked.  It is important to remember our "resting" strategy which c...

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College Hoops Tourney

3/9/14 1:39PM - 0 comments

College Hoops has scored a nice chunk of units to date for the Contrarian selection.  I am not a big fan of the college tourney in terms of selections.  Historically, its more of flat result.  No rhyme or reason, that's just the historical outlook.  Feel free to respond. &n...

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12/7/13 4:38AM - 0 comments

I apologize for being a little negligent relating to the blog for sometime.  I am in the middle of a real estate move, renovating a new home and have not had the energy or the time to put a few sentences together for all the Contrarians Bets followers.  Nonetheless, NFL has...

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MLB Mid Year Recap

6/30/13 9:40AM - 0 comments

As we approach the All Star game, we take an opportunity to reflect on the season's results thus far.  We cash in a 67-71 +17.67 units record, generating over 4% return on investment (ROI) for the duration, risking on average no more than 1.6 units per play.  We deal a 48.5...

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April MLB Recap

4/30/13 10:29PM - 0 comments

The Contrarian selection dominated in the opening month of MLB with a profitable record of 30-25 54.55% +19.46 units.  But as we know, this is a marathon, not a sprint and we will be mindful of that as we continue thru the season.  I ask all subscribers to continue there money managemen...

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MLB Trending Nicely

4/22/13 4:41AM - 0 comments

The Contrarian selection is off to a nice start, taking +11.38 units to the wallet with a 22-22 record.  As you can plainly see, a win rate at 50% brings in a steady cash flow unlike the cappers who need 52.38% to break even.  It's all about the juice in the end.  We will stick ...

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